Online Designer

Canva is an online design software that allows you to easily create beautiful designs. 

  • Drag and drop designing
  • Design with thousands of fonts and millions of images

Design TownStix Labels

We’ve made it easier to create designs for your labels. Head over to the Templates page, find your template code, and click on Online Designer

Templates have been set up for you, and you can start designing right away!

Head over to the Templates page and look for your template code.

Click on Online Designer for your template code.

You will see this image below. Click on Use Template to enter Canva.

You will need to create an account to use Canva. Designing with Canva is free.

Edit and Add Text

Click on any text to edit it. You can customize your text (font/size/color) from the top toolbar.

To add new text, head over to left sidebar and select Text. Click and drag the text you want into your design.

Add Images

Head over to Photos or Elements section from the left sidebar. You can search for images from the search bar at the top.

Click and drag the images you want into your design.

Note: Some images are only available with a paid plan on Canva. Don’t worry, there are plenty of free images. Free images have a FREE label on the bottom right.

Uploading your own Images

Head over to Uploads from the left sidebar. Click on Upload at the top to insert your own images into your design.

Prepare for Download

To ensure the border lines are not printed too, we will have to delete it before printing.

To delete, simply double click on the border lines and press Delete on your keyboard.

Download and Print

Head to the top right corner and select Publish > Download

Select the file type you want. (PDF Print is recommended for printing)

Select the pages you want to download.

Is Canva free to use?

Yes. It is free to create designs with Canva.

How do I access Canva?

Canva can be accessed both on Desktop and Mobile.

Desktop (PC/Mac)

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge


  • iOS app (requires iOS 10 or higher)
  • Android app (requires Android 4.1 or higher)

You can check the latest details here.

Can I try out Canva before buying the labels?


Head over to the Templates page, find a template size you like, and start designing!

Is TownStix affiliated with Canva?

No. TownStix is not affiliated with Canva.

We’re just big fans of their design platform!

Where can I learn more about using Canva?

Canva provides great resources on designing. These resources are free to access.

For the basics on using Canva, you can go to their Getting Started section.

For more advanced tutorials on creating professional designs, head over to their Design School section.